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[wptab name=’1. Book’]
    • Thank you so much for sharing details with us! we just sent to you an automated e-mail – if you don’t receive it within the next five minutes (not even in your spam folder), you probably entered your email id incorrectly (unless our servers have gone nuts)
    • We will now share our fee: based on your schedule (and assuming we are available on your dates; in case we are already booked we will let you know about that as well)
    • You take your time to decide whether to book us or not – just check with us when you have decided if we are still available :) – Our Availability Calendar is pretty public
    • You book us – Once you let us know you want to book us, we will summarize our discussion and fee along with standard terms & conditions in a document called Service Engagement Letter and share it with you – the letter will have account number and payment details
    • We block dates for you – after we have received 50% of total agreed fee (as advance)
[/wptab] [wptab name=’2. Wait’]
  • So now the wait for wedding begins – we are as excited to catch up with you as you are!
  • We usually click a lot of pics of people who come and say hi to us during weddings – so it will help if you can pass on the link of to close family and friends (so that they are able to introduce themselves when we arrive for the shoot – you know how crowded weddings get – we want to know we are focussing on the right people than just clicking random ones)
  • Pre-appoint a sibling / cousin / friend as the ‘facilitator’ who will help us identify about 10-12 most important faces that you may like to see after the shoot is over – let her / him know about us before hand (do this before the wedding)
  • Enjoy the shopping :P
[/wptab] [wptab name=’3. Marry’]
  • And finally its time to get married. Just one advise from us – please don’t take stress for anything. So what if you are not happy with the final make-up. Or the lighting. What’s done is done – taking stress will only make things look worse. While a broad genuine smile and happiness will render any small mistakes forgivable.
  • We capture reality – so if you appear stressful, it will show in your pics. Likewise, if you are happy, it will also show. So how would you like to remember this special day for the rest of your lives? Think about that, and feel that way. The happier you feel from inside, the better everything will look and be remembered.
  • The best way to ensure nice couple pics is to keep talking to each other with eyes. All the time!
  • Enjoy your wedding. Most people get married just once!
[/wptab] [wptab name=’4. New Life’]
  • And now begins a new life of togetherness
  • To add delight to this new life, you shall receive your wedding pictures in digital format within 4 to 6 weeks of you settling the balance payment.
  • If you also went for Cinematic film, you should receive a trailer in less than 4 weeks and a full film in about 8 weeks. More happiness!
  • If you also ordered a photobook, we will wait for you to shortlist pics – in case you don’t feel like doing that, we would do that ourselves and share album layout soft-copy before it goes for print (so that you can suggest changes if any). Once it goes for print, you usually receive the photobook in less than 2 weeks at your doorstep.
  • Leave us a feedback (and do check out feedback left by those who booked us before you)
  • Grow old together, never take each other for granted and whenever you feel like revisiting the day you guys got married – open our album / film and be happy for the rest of your lives! :)
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